Proof of Justification by Faith Alone

Galatians 3:6‐9


I. The Patriarch (v.6‐7)

A. Paul argues for justification by faith alone using Abraham. [Gen. 12:1‐3, 15:1‐17] (v.6‐7)

a. God enters into a covenant with Abraham :

1. Land (Gen.12:1, 13:14‐17)

2. Seed or descendants (Gen. 12:2,13:16,17:2‐6)

3. Blessing and Redemption (Gen. 12:3,22:18)

b. God ratifies the Abrahamic covenant by blood (Gen. 15:1‐18)

c. God gives a sign of the covenant (Gen. 17:9‐12)

1. Circumcision – Sign of Abrahamic Covenant

2. Baptism‐ Sign of the New Covenant (Col. 2:11‐12; Gal. 5:2‐6 )

B. Abraham was deemed righteous or in right standing with God just before any works.   (Rom. 4:9‐11)


II. The Plan (v.8)

A. The Gospel had always been God’s intent to save sinners. (Jer. 31:31‐34)


Galatians - Proof of Justification by Faith Alone

– “Salvation by works would not be good but bad news. All the nations, Jews and Gentiles alike, are justified and blessed for the same reason Abraham was justified and blessed: their faith.” [1]


III. The Point (v.9)

A. Those who believe (trust) in Christ are of Abraham, not those who advocate works. [Rom. 4:1‐8]

– “Just as the believing Abraham was accounted righteous, so believing men, who are the spiritual seed of Abraham, are also accounted righteous.” [2]


Points to Ponder:

1. The purity and simplicity of the Gospel needs to be protected and proclaimed. It is the only
means of salvation.
2. Man must share in Abraham’s faith in order to receive God’s righteousness. The object of this faith is the Lord Jesus Christ.



[1] John MacArthur, Galatians, MacArthur New Testament Commentary (Chicago: Moody Press, 1983), 75.
[2] Charles Spurgeon, Galatians, ed. Elliot Ritzema, Spurgeon Commentary Series (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2013), Ga 3:9.


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