Helping Others Live the Spirit Filled Life

Galatians 5:26‐6:10


I. Confront the erring Christian (v. 5:26‐ 6:1)

A. Confronting a sinning Christian should be done with a view to spiritual restoration.

a. Conditions for Confrontation:

1. One must be spiritual.

– One who is characteristically spiritual or mature.

– One who is not easily tempted.

2. One must restore with gentleness.

3. One must follow Jesus’ discipline protocol. (Matt. 18:15‐17)

– “Spiritual believers restore a fallen believer first of all by helping him recognize his trespass as a trespass. Until a person admits his sin, he cannot be helped out of it. Once he has done that, he must be encouraged to confess his sin before God and turn away from it in repentance, sincerely seeking God’s forgiveness.” Members should then comfort and forgive the repentant Christian.” [1]


II. Carry each other’s burdens (v.2‐5)

A. Christians must be willing to support other Christians. (v.2)

a. 3 Ways to Bear Burdens:

1. Encouragement – Biblical counseling and consoling.

– As Christians, we are to find our principles for living in the Scripture alone. (Ps. 1:1‐2; Col. 2:8‐10)

– We are warned in Scripture not to trust our own wisdom because we can be deceived.

– The Bible is sufficient to meet all of man’s emotional and spiritual needs.

2. Entreatment ‐ Praying with and for others.

– “Prayer is the most powerful weapon believers have in conquering sin and opposing Satan, and nothing helps a brother carry his burdens as much as prayer for him and with him. The brother who has been delivered from a trespass has an obligation to let his spiritual friends help him carry his burdens.” [2]

3. Engagement ‐ Spending time with others for accountability and comfort. [2 Cor. 7:5‐7]

B. Christians must examine themselves lest they look down on the restored Christian. [ Matt. 7:2‐4; Js. 2:12‐14] (v.3‐5)


III. Contribute to each other’s growth (v.6)

A. Believers should share in both the work and the Word, from which come all good things. (v.6)

– “The one who is taught the word and the one who teaches have a common fellowship and should share all good things together…good things translates the plural of agathos, which is used in the New Testament primarily of spiritual and moral excellence. The spiritual Christian who has picked up and held up his fallen brother also builds him up in the word, in whose good things they fellowship together.” [3]


IV. Commend each other to service (v.7‐10)

A. Consequences in sowing (v.7‐9)

– “Each sower decides what his harvest will be. If a person sows to please his sinful nature, that is, if he spends his money to indulge the flesh, he will reap a harvest that will fade into oblivion. On the other hand if he uses his funds to support the Lord’s work, or sows to please the Spirit, and promotes his own spiritual growth, he will reap a harvest that will last forever.” [4]

B. Calling of the saints [1 John 3:14, 4:20‐21, John 13:35] (v.10)

– “The idea is, while we have opportunity during our life on earth. In other words, a believer’s entire life is his unique but limited opportunity to serve others in the Lord’s name. The idea is…to be active, to work effectively and diligently, and is here a self‐call to great effort in taking every opportunity to sow for God’s glory.” [5]


Points to Ponder:

1. Receive the precepts and commands of Scripture with gladness.
2. Share what you have with others.
3. Be sensitive to every encounter you have with people. People are our ministry and mission field.



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