The Maturation of Marriage

Song of Solomon 7:1-13


I. The Lover’s Dance (v.1-9)

A. Solomon describes Shulamite’s features (v.1-7).

– This section portrays the maturing of the couple’s marriage. The progress in their love is revealed in two ways. First, the imagery in these verses is much bolder and more intimate than the imagery the lover used on the wedding night (4:1–11). Such an increase in sexual freedom is a normal part of a healthy, maturing marriage.”

B. Solomon desires Shulamite’s passions (v.8-9)

– “Solomon is totally captivated by her. When the dance is over, they begin to make love. He compares her to a palm tree with clusters ready to be fertilized and speaks of his possession of that palm tree in sexual love. Solomon concludes that their love is like good tasting wine.”


II. The Lover’s Date (v.10-13)

A. Shulamite plans a date with her husband

– “Shulamite asks Solomon to come with her to visit her home for two purposes: first, to renew the love covenant in the very place where their courtship began; and secondly, to make love there, which they could not do before since they were still unmarried.”


III. Principles to Consider

A. Keep romance alive in your relationship by being active.

– “Romance is rooted in the spontaneous and unexpected.  A marriage relationship needs nourishing and “frequent feedings” is a good principle to follow.”

B. Continue to date your spouse.

-“God desires for you to be romantic and its up to you to keep it alive. Early on it was your instinct…now it must become a discipline.”

-“Never let [date time] become a “gripe at your spouse” time…Remember, dating is supposed to be fun and listening to your spouse whine and complain about you is not fun. You can discuss the issues during the other six and a half days of the week. If you are self employed, do not discuss your business during your date. You must protect your date time from personal problems.”[Prov. 18:19]

C. Do not take your relationship for granted by being lazy.

– “Romance dies when couples forget the preciousness of their mates. Love must be shown…choose to make the effort to show your spouse frequently how much you love, honor, and cherish him or her.”[1 Tim. 4:7]


Points to Ponder:

1. Romance is an activity. Be active in maintaining intimacy.

– “No matter who your spouse is, you can learn to love each other. In contrast to the prevailing idea that love is something that just happens, Paul commanded husbands to love their wives (Ephesians 5:25) and wives to love their husbands (Titus 2:4). Scripture doesn’t even recognize the possibility of incompatibility between two marriage partners—God simply commands both the husband and the wife to love each other.”

2. Remember to take time to get away and be together. Mutual activities and objectives are opportunities to love your spouse.

3. Rekindle your marriage through spontaneity. Keep your relationship fresh by trying something new and different.

– If you focus on developing your love for Christ, your inner qualities of godliness will mature, develop, and strengthen your marriage.


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