Experiencing Eternal Life – The Death and Resurrection of Lazarus (Luke 11:1-46)


I. Preparation (11:1-16)

(v.1-3) Jesus receives news of Lazarus’ sickness.
(v.4-6) Jesus delays in responding to go to Lazarus.
(v.7-16) Jesus explains his delay.


II. Conversation (11:17-37)

(v.17-29) Martha and Mary profess belief in Jesus’ Person.
(v.30-37) Jesus weeps over effects of sin in the world.


Weeping – (v.33) the people weeping [klaiontas] – loud wailing.
(v.35) Jesus weeping [edakrysen]* – a quiet shedding of tears.



*Jesus is weeping over the effects of sin and death in the world. The crowd however, mistook his weeping as an expression of love for Lazarus or frustration at not being there to heal him.
— Bible Knowledge Commentary



III. Restoration (11:38-44)

(v.38-40) He prepares.
(v.41-42) He prays.
(v.43-44) He produces.


IV. Illumination (11:45-46)

(v.45) Many believed (via the Holy Spirit) and put their trust in Him.
(v.46) Some reported this event to the religious leaders, who therefore sought to kill him.


What Have We Learned?

1. When facing life’s greatest challenges, out first step is to have confidence in God’s ability to help us overcome what ever we have to endure.
2. Jesus is the source for meeting our entire spiritual and physical needs. Learn to trust him to meet your needs on a daily basis.
3. He who puts his trust in him will experience eternal life.


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